Divorce is a confusing and uncertain time. Life feels chaotic. Will you ever recover from your hurt, anger and fear? How are your children going to manage? Are you overwhelmed by your finances? How are you going to get through your divorce when there is so much stress, confusion and pain?
Are you concerned about your children and their future? Children of divorce are vulnerable. You want the best for your children.
Are you worried about how divorce will affect your financial future? How will you pay for your children’s education or fund your retirement? What will happen with your home? Will you ever have financial security?
The choices you make now will impact your and your family's future for many years.

Collaborative Divorce can help.
• Your divorce has legal, emotional, financial and parenting problems to solve.
• You will have a full Team of Collaborative Professionals working with you and your spouse to provide you with expertise in each of these areas.
• Your Team will assist you and your spouse to solve your separation and divorce problems during and after your divorce.
• You and your spouse will select all of the professional members of your Team at the beginning of your case.
• You will each choose a Collaborative Lawyer and Divorce Counselor, and together you will select a Child Specialist and a neutral Financial Specialist.
• The Collaborative Professionals on your Team will counsel, guide, support and educate you as you make decisions about your future.
• Your children will have a voice through the Child Specialist.
• You will do all of this without going to court.
• If you or your spouse decides to go to court, all of your Professionals on your Collaborative Divorce Team will withdraw from your case.
• You will sign a Collaborative Commitment Agreement, sometimes called a Participation Agreement, to start your Collaborative Divorce. This Agreement will outline the essential principals of Collaboration.